February 23, 2012

Hello there!

Welcome to my new little corner of the internet! My name is Kelsey.

I live and work in Annapolis, Maryland. Have you ever been? It's simply beautiful. Here's a snapshot of my Christmas Eve this past year:

Little bit about me: I'm a coffee addict, spinning aficionado, and a firm believer in karma and eating organic. Oh and also, I love clothes. You'll learn more about me as we go but that's just a little peek. Thank you for stopping by, please come back and visit often!



  1. Just found your blog -- can't believe you're from Annapolis! I grew up there. One of the best cities in the world!

  2. welcome to the blog world :) Annapolis is a gorgeous place--I had the pleasure of visiting a few times during my DC years. can't wait to see what else you have in store with this blog, pretty lady! xoxo {av}



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