March 28, 2012

The Third Bikram Yoga Class

My spinning instructor has a saying that goes, "First class is hard, second class you're more hesitant to go because you know what to expect, third class is the worst, and by the fifth you're addicted."

Tonight I did my third Bikram Yoga class. It was definitely the worst. I knew what to expect and I was more conscious of my form and whether or not I was doing the pose properly. I found myself getting frustrated when I couldn't hold a pose or when I couldn't reach as far as I wanted to reach and I feel like I left the class in a bit of a funk.

I really want to love Bikram Yoga like I love spinning. I look forward to spinning every week and I am excited every time I walk into class because I know I'm about to have a great workout. So I will push through though and will go into class number four with an open mind and will hopefully begin to love and become "addicted" to Bikram Yoga!

After class I came home and made a smoothie. I followed the recipe for Julie from Peanut Butter Finger's Ice Cream Smoothies only I made a few small changes. I added a teaspoon of cocoa powder and I also substituted coconut water for milk because I was feeling a bit dehydrated.

Into the blender went:
- 2 frozen bananas
- 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
- 1/2 c. coconut water
- 1 tsp. honey
- 1 tsp. cocoa powder


You can check out Julie's blog here. Her blog was one of the first blogs I began to follow and it's definitely one of my favorites! 


  1. So true about what your spinning instructor said. I never really caught on with yoga, I guess because I never made a commitment to it. I want to try pilates though, I think that could be good. Funny how you "want" to love something!!

  2. Love your blog and consider me a new follower! Bikram-man, we have a love/hate relationship! I hate when I'm there and think, "is this even healthy?" but afterwards I love the toning and flexibility I get from it. I can't do it often though and only do it once every 4 months.

    Smoothie sounds delish too!

  3. It will happen! I became addicted to Bikram a few years ago... happened quickly for me. It was such a hard workout but so gratifying in the end! That smoothie sounds delicious!!! XO brynn



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