September 10, 2012

Fall TV Premier Calendar

Okay it's official, I'm a little obsessed with fall TV. The other day, while sipping my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, I decided to make myself a little schedule of fall premiers:
The New Normal // NBC // Tuesdays // 9:30pm
Parenthood // NBC // Tuesdays // 10pm
Up All Night // NBC // Thursdays // 8:30pm
The Mindy Project // FOX // Tuesdays // 9:30pm
New Girl // FOX // Tuesdays // 8pm
Grey's Anatomy // ABC // Thursdays // 9pm
Revenge // ABC // Sundays // 9pm
Gossip Girl // the CW // Mondays // 9pm
Nashville // ABC // Wednesdays // 10pm

1. yes I still watch gossip girl even though i have absolutely
no clue what is going on anymore, the outfits are to die for
2. my tuesdays are out of control
3. dvr is a lifesaver
4. I promise I have a life outside of my living room

So tell me, what am I missing? What shows are you excited about?



  1. Ahh it seems like so many great new seasons are starting this fall... how will I ever have time to watch them all?! I'm actually really excited about the new Hart of Dixie season!

  2. I totally agree, it seems like there are a lot of great new tv shows coming out. I am defiantly excited about some of them. Cant wait to see what happens on Grey's Anatomy.

  3. i'm so glad you did this! i was wondering when everything was coming back on, but too lazy to look it all up. new to your blog, love it!



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