September 1, 2012

Six Things I Love About September

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I love summer, I really do. But lately, I have been seriously craving cooler weather. I can not wait to walk outside and not have my first reaction be "ugh" followed by sweat (yummy right?). 

I'll be bringing in September with Bruce Springsteen in Philadelphia on Labor Day, followed by a warm Pumpkin Spice Latte on September 7. I am also excited to cheer for a football team that is actually good for a change (hey RGIII!!) and to eat some yummy apples. Most of all, I am ready for some fall fashion. Really, there is no better feeling then the one I get when I'm packing away those tank tops and breaking out those leather boots.

Ready when you are fall. See you on September 22.



  1. I love that cheetah scarf!

  2. I want to wear Fall fashion as well... it's coming!


  3. Love this post, and I LOVE FALL, so colorful, where to find pumpkin spice latte, may Starbucks sells it, do you know? Your post put me into this mood you know when you want something right now - and this is spice pumpkin latte ;o)Love fall fashion with its jackets and beautiful scarfs which no one can wear in the summer
    Would you like to follow each other, will be glad to hear from you
    thank you



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