December 22, 2012


Last weekend before Christmas! Time to grab those last minute gifts and wrap everything up! I am so glad I finished my holiday shopping early this year. I attempted to go to the Annapolis mall today - so. many. people. every. freakin. where.

Want to know where I will be this weekend? At home. I will be baking Christmas cookies, wrapping gifts, cleaning and getting ready for my 15+ relatives that will be here on Christmas. I will also burying myself under my down comforter and watching all the Christmas movies I can squeeze in. 

+ Sneak peak of Blake Lively & Ryan Reynold's wedding - you can see all the pictures in the December 24 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings - so sorry Target employee working on Christmas Eve, you will see me. Buying this magazine. And probably a Starbucks Christmas- themed latte. Ya know, just to get in the spirit.



  1. Sounds similiar to my weekend :) Snuggling up in my Christmas pjs, reading, wrapping presents, drinking mulled wine, and then a film in the evening.
    Enjoy yourself! X

  2. I can't wait for that issue of MSW! Love Blake. Love Ryan. I am sure it will be gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend and the holiday x



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