January 3, 2013

2013 Goal: Eat Healthier

I am a big fan of new year's resolutions. I feel like the new year is a wonderful opportunity to start fresh, however, I try not to set unrealistic expectations or resolutions for myself, only to perhaps not meet them and end up feeling disappointed in myself. Instead, I like to set little goals for myself at the beginning of the year. Since I have a blog this January, you all get to experience the fun journey where I take you through and explain each one of my goals for 2013. Ready?

My number one goal in 2013 is to eat healthier. Now, this probably isn't what you think. I do not eat fast food (in the words of Taylor Swift, "like ever") and I like healthy things like vegetables, quinoa and tofu. What I mean by eat healthier is eat well-balanced, regular meals. I often start my day off with a bowl of oatmeal or quinoa only to bring a granola bar and a banana for lunch. This leaves me feeling tired, grumpy, and well, starving come 5:00.

I am also embarrassed to say that I only know how to cook a handful of things, some of which are baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, and baked chicken. I am certain I could figure it out if I tried however, I went from living off of lean cuisines in college (gross) to moving home with my Dad who cooks dinner multiple times a week. I will hopefully be moving into a little one bedroom apartment in downtown Annapolis in the next few weeks (!!) so in an attempt to live off of something more than scrambled eggs and baked potatoes, I have included learning how to cook healthy meals in my "eat healthier" goal. 

That being said, I have found a handful of items that will help me eat healthier in 2013 and will help you if you would like to eat healthier as well! Here they are:
1. Vert VRT350 Juicer // 2. Zoku Quick Pop Maker // 3. Blender Bottle Two Pack // 4. Herb Savor // 5. Taylor Stainless Food Scale // 6. Chef'n Juicer Citrus Juicer and Reamer // 7. Deni 9.5 Quart Programmable Food Steamer // 8. Joseph Joseph Steamer Basket // 9. Chrome Brita Pitcher // 10. Cuisinart CSB-76 Immersion Hand Blender // 11. Martha Stewart Collection Salad To Go Storage Container // 12. yonanas // 13. Crock-Pot Programmable 6 Quart Slow Cooker // 14. Cuisinart Food Chopper // 15. Martha Stewart Collection Two-Section Lunch Cube // 16. Misto Oil Mister // 17. Takeya Iced Tea Maker, Flash Chill Tea Maker and Chilling Pitcher

I've also included a few apps I think are helpful:

Fooducate: Grades your groceries, explains what's inside each product, & offers healthier alternatives
HarvestMark Food Traceability: Trace fresh food back to the farm to learn where, when, & how it was grown
Whole Foods Market Recipes: Search Whole Foods Market Recipes featuring natural & organic foods
Cooking Light Recipes: Features more than 300 Cooking Light Recipes
HealthyOut: Finds dishes at local restaurants that match your diet and nutrition preferences



  1. I have a Yonanas maker and LOVEEE it!!! You need to get it! This is also one of my goals for 2013. I'm looking forward to learning how to cook more things!

  2. I consider myself a pretty healthy eater as it but I had no idea about these fun apps! I also have been looking for a juicer too, I would love to try adding that into my meals!

  3. Thanks Kelsey for featuring our Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker set. Did you see our Fruit Infusion and Citrus Juicer accessories that let you add all-natural, fresh flavors? http://bit.ly/mJMTfs

  4. This is one of my goals too! Oh, sweet joy! sent me :)



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