How to Write Motivational Letter to Win Scholarship in Germany

How to Write Motivational Letter to Win Scholarship in Germany

It is always tempting to study at German universities. The country is a home for high-quality educational institutions. Some of them are even considered the best universities on earth. But, how can international students get a scholarship in Germany? What motivation letter to write?

Motivation Letter – What Is It Actually?

A motivation letter is also widely known as a statement of purpose letter. This is an important document that you can use to describe your personal competence. You can also use this motivational letter to describe your personal motivation to get the scholarship in Germany or selecting a particular study program. You can say that this letter is the most important and personalized document you need to send to the university for the application process. It will make the biggest difference between getting rejected or getting accepted in the chosen university. The letter will be the best media to show the admission committees about what makes you different from other candidates.

How to Write the Best Motivation Letter to Get Scholarship

To ensure your position as the scholarship winner, you need to make an impressive motivation letter. You should be able to show the committees that you are qualified for the scholarship in Germany through the letter. Here are the things you should consider when writing the university scholarship application letter.

  1. Make sure that you formulate the concept of your letter well before start writing. It should cover all your thought why the scholarship will fit the best for you. Construct your thoughts on the qualities you possess and what you can bring to the program. After that, you can start to bring the concept to a draft.
  2. The next thing you should consider is the layout of the letter. This should be the way you format your document. The layout should also be able to show your professionalism. Most of the time, the applicants are required to create a motivational letter in a maximum length of two pages.
  3. The structure of the letter is the next thing you should pay attention to. It will help you to define the flow of your motivational letter. Make sure you make it by using a bright introduction. It should be able to lead the reader to the intense body and summary of the letter smoothly.
  4. Fine-tuning is the next important thing you should consider. Select your words carefully and avoid using complex constructions. This is aimed to avid the committees to become irritated when reading the letter.
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